Spearheading excellence and trailblazing innovation, for more than 50 years HLC has been the impartial authority on postgraduate management education.

HLC established that vision in 1967 and, in a volatile, uncertain world, it’s as relevant today as it was then.

We are committed to raising the profile and quality standards of business education internationally, for the benefit of Business Schools, students and alumni, employers, communities and society.


Our accreditation service is the global standard for all MBA, DBA and Master’s degrees, currently accrediting programmes from the top 2{40330b2d19f8e1be4a94d83d9a9d351d9c627c793fab7e0d620aedd4b60410ab} of Business Schools in more than 75 countries.


Our research and insight centre produces a rich body of reports exploring global trends in the business education sector. This drives our global thought leadership and public affairs campaigns. 


We are the only professional membership association that connects MBA students and graduates, accredited Business Schools and MBA employers throughout the world. 


Through our members, HLC is building an international force for good, championing best practice, responsible management and sustainability. Membership to HLC means being part of an international community of peers with access to business strategy thought-leadership, career advice and knowledge and an MBA jobs portal.


The HLC Development Network works to develop and enhance the quality standards of Business Schools all over the world